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In deciding what type of profession to showcase for Framerica’s recent “The Take This Job…and Fame It” Boxer Challenge, Micheal Mixon, a custom framer from Alabama, went with a field near and dear to his heart: photography. A photographer’s power to permanently record an event an event and the emotions of the people involved has always enthralled him, especially since his daughter, Lily, was born four years ago, and he began documenting every moment of her upbringing with a camera. For his entry, he constructed a gigantic camera, complete with a lens and live video feed, and filled the shadowbox portion with pictures of people and places that make him smile. It turns out his creation delighted others as well. Visitors to Framerica’s booth during the DÉCOR Expo Atlanta in September voted Mixon’s project, titled “Say Cheese, as the first-place winner out of eight finalists. “I was flattered, astonished and happy, very happy,” Mixon says. “It was a really great feeling to put your heart into a project and to be honored for it.” Mixon started the project three weeks before the contest deadline and worked tirelessly up until the end, running lots of senarios by his wife, Emily, and logging a lot of late-night television. “He puts his all into everything,” Emily says. Once he gets his mind set on something, it’s all he thinks about until he’s done.” He incorporated various items within the shadowbox, in-cluding $1,300 worth of cameras, photos, and DVD/LCD player, tripod (both in the shadowbox and supporting the shadowbox), wiring, antique light meters, flashes, memory cards and other elements. Many of the items, Mixon incorporated possessed sentimental value. One of the video cameras captured his daughter’s birth, her first steps and her first words. A 1940s Argus camera and G.E. light meter that Mixon included were used by his wife’s grandfather during the Korean War. Mixon says he enjoyed Framerica’s Boxer Challenge because the contest allowed framers to think outside the box and come up with creative pieces to show their customers.

It’s talented framers like Mixon that demonstrate the wide range of possibilities.

2007 Framerica Boxer Challenge

    "Take this Job and Frame It"

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