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Reuben Halpern   -   Metal Artist

Reuben Halpern was born in Europe and educated as a practical engineer in agricultural machinery and farming. In 1977 the Halpern family moved to Birmingham, Alabama. Reuben found satisfaction working in machinery fabrication, welding, cutting and bonding. The scrap metal and parts "talked" to him. He became creative with abstract and functional metal art. He even developed a love for yard art.  He works as well with the Rushton Foundation in its farming program. And of course, Reuben is in his studio every day creating new Metal Art.We hope you will enjoy the Metal Art of Reuben Halpern. And look for him at different art shows and galleries as he continues to enchant the art lovers with his Metal Art. 

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3738 Lorna Road  -  Hoover  Alabama - River Oaks Village -  (205) 987-7879  

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